Hi, my name is: Jen Harnack

„HI, MY NAME IS“ ist der ziemlich einfallsloseste Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit jungen Fotografen, Musikern und Künstlern. Den Start der neuen Serie macht die Fotografin Jennifer Harnack aus Hamburg, die aufgrund ihrer vielfältigen HDR-Fashion Porträts über das „Hard Knock Life“ voller Rock’n’Roll, wilden Partys, Lifestyle und extrem hohem Coolness Faktor bleibende Spuren im Herzen hinterlässt. Lest selbst, was uns die junge Deutsche zu erzählen hat:

I am Jen Harnack

22 years old, a photographer based in hamburg and addicted to art in all it´s forms.

Motivation + Inspiration
my motivation is my passion for photography. its not like: „Urgh today i have to take some photos“. It’s not my duty, for which reason i need something, which motivates me for that. The photography motivates me in life and give me kind of a feeling of fulfillment. That sounds sappy, isn´t it?! Hah!
My Inspiration could be everything. From a picture i see on a blog right up to a homeless punk living on the street.

When did you start Photography
I think with 18.

Film or Digital

I’m in Love with
Terry Richardson – the god par excellence. Marry me!

I’m dreaming of
a Double Cheeseburger. But in general I´m dreaming of travelling around the world to photograph many different, interesting, inspiring and storytelling personalities! Hopefully always develop myself, never stand still.

What’s cookin‘ good lookin‘
I dont really cook much. The last thing i ate was a Toast with Butter and Nutella.

Thanks Jen. ♥

all images © jen harnack