Fuck is like the best word ever.

, 15. Mai 2009 various

Und wie es das ist! Geniales Kinetic Typography Video zu Dane Cook’s „Fuk and the Finga“. Und jetzt alle mitsprechen/lesen:

Fuck is like the best word ever. It really is. It’s perfect. It’s just FUCK. I’s cuz it’s got the ffff and the uh and the CA!..Fu-ca! When somebody finally says Hey Fuck you!, there’s nothing better. I just look at them and I go yeah. Yeah that’s right fuck me. Good use of fuck right there. You really gotta emphasize the fff too, right. Say fuck, FUCK. You can’t- you gotta hit the F. You can’t go f -UCK. Doesn’t have the same who-uh-kuk. Can’t just hit the K. UCK. No.