Hi, my name is Akila Berjaoui

HI, MY NAME IS ist der ziemlich einfallslose Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit talentierten Fotografen, Musikern, Künstlern und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit. Heute stellen wir euch die 37-jährige Fotografin Akila Berjaoui vor, die das traumhafte Wetter und Leben in Sydney zurück gelassen hat – und mittlerweile in Amsterdam beheimatet ist. Wer einen Blick in das visuelle Tagebuch der Lifestyle Fotografin auf Tumblr wirft, stellt fest, dass ihre dokumentierenden und inspirierenden Aufnahmen von ihrem „The Good Life“ in Australien mit Sonnenschein, Stränden und hübschen Models geprägt wurden. Können wir absolut nachvollziehen und gutheißen. Was uns Akila sonst zu erzählen hat, lest ihr jetzt im Interview.


From sydney​,​ currently res​iding in amsterdam. 37​. tall, blonde, married to a very beautiful younger man.

when did you start photography

about 10 years ago i got back into it and started shooting professionally about 5 years ago​. i guess its only the beginning.

your motivation, inspiration + influences

​music, art, cinema, my lover, helmut newton, the sun, juergen teller, women​,​ bruce weber​,​ slim aarons​,​ swimming pools​,​ denim​, nature, water, vintage anything, skin, nudity​, swedish bands, lots of bands actually, boats, the colour white, blue.

film or digital

i shoot both… my personal work and when i travel i shoot analogue. most big jobs i shoot digital (and a bit of film too)​.

…I want to provoke with my photography and have it presented in a natural way. Intimate. A little daring, provocative. Real. Human.

your shooting equipment

​hah i have my cameras, film and my lap top. easy.​

what’s next

​i’ve been invited to showcase and sell my work though a few online galleries ​here in europe. cape town to shoot and get back to the sunshine. explore and get wild and get a little lost with the animals. then possibly mexico and beyond for a bit. and my all time favourite pass time, the european summer. i can’t wait. so yes, lots and lots of photography.

who would you like to have in front of your camera

​lara stone.

your favorite model

​lara stone. ​

what would you’ve been, if you wouldn’t be a photographer

​a singer and or working with animals somewhere remote​.​

sydney vs. amsterdam

​sydney! by a landslide. well no its just that it’s so cold and miserable here in winter. i will never again complain about the winter at home. ever. ​sydney is easy, its all about the sun and the beach. the lifestyle is like no other. it’s healthy, fun. well not always so healthy but we def try. there, the sun is always shining on you, people are super chilled too. amsterdam, well it’s just so pretty really. i love the architecture. its truly unique. i love the art. i love the accessibility to the rest of eruope. and the people are so friendly here. i love that.



all images © Akila Berjaoui