Hi, my name is NEØV

, 9. April 2015 music, news, stories

HI, MY NAME IS ist der ziemlich einfallslose Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit talentierten Fotografen, Musikern, Künstlern und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit. Heute stellen wir euch die derzeit wohl angesagtesten, finnischen Newcomer vor: NEØV, eine fünf-köpfige Band aus Kuopio, die sich auf dem Weg gemacht hat, die Musikszene mit gefühlvollem Dream-Pop und Indie Klängen zu erobern.

Und davon könnt ihr euch heute Abend selbst überzeugen: Denn NEØV werden neben den skandinavischen Bands Last Lynx und Psyence Fiction beim Ja Ja Ja Event im Fluxbau Berlin live auftreten – solltet ihr euch nicht entgehen lassen. Was uns Anssi Neuvonen sonst noch über sich und die Band zu erzählen hat, lest ihr jetzt:


A five-piece from Kuopio, Eastern Finland. We released our first single in 2012, and this spring our second album ’Dominique’ saw the daylight. Our intention is to create music that moves us. Usually it’s something atmospheric with strong melodies and rhythms.

everything started with?

An acoustic guitar and bongo drums in a small town Juankoski where two brothers, I and Samuli, started to play together when we were little kids. Later we moved to Kuopio, a bigger city nearby, and were lucky to meet the rest of the band.

your motivation, inspiration + influences

Once we opened ourselves to music making, there was no way back. So, the biggest motivation is coming from inside. We find inspiration everywhere. The subject really doesn’t matter, but what matters is how you look at it. We draw influences from wide musical range and we like to learn new instruments all the time.

I’ve read that you are from Kuopio – a city surrounded by lakes, with several parts of the town built on small islands – and that your surroundings can be heard in your music – expansive but quiet, grandiose but intimate – can you deepen that statement?

Yes we can. Sometimes I like to think that our music is like a view from a vantage point – a lot of space with a lot of small details.

NEØV was formed in the 90’s, which 90’s artist inspires you?

Samuli and I started playing together in the 90’s. We liked Britpop acts like Oasis and Blur. There is a lot of great music created in the 90’s and we’re still finding new interesting acts from that decade.

What can we look forward to at your Ja Ja Ja performance?

If everything goes as planned, it is going to be a whole audiovisual experience. We promise to perform honest music.

what’s next?

We’re playing more shows with ’Dominique’. We’re also writing new music.

tell us a secret

My dad writes our songs. Just kidding… Am I?

last but not least: your question

What are your best advices how to commit to a lifestyle change?


Cover photo © Appu Jasu