Hi, my name is The Avener

, 16. Februar 2015 music, news, stories

HI, MY NAME IS ist der ziemlich einfallslose Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit talentierten Fotografen, Musikern, Künstlern und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit. Heute stellen wir euch The Avener vor – einen talentierten Produzenten aus Nizza, der vergangenes Jahr mit seinem Sommerhit „Fade Out Lines“ den internationalen Durchbruch in der EDM Szene geschafft hat und mit seiner #1-Single u.a. bei iTunes den Thron erstürmt hat. Kurz vor dem Release seines Debütalbums „The Wanderings Of The Avener„, das neben feinster elektronischer Musik auch Blues, RnB, Funk und Soul Einflüsse aufweisen kann, haben wir dem ausgebildeten Pianisten über seine Inspirationen, Vorbilder und Träume gesprochen.



I am Tristan, born 28 years ago in Nice in the south of France, I’m a musician, producer and dj.

everything started with

A piano, music lessons and lots of love!

the meaning of „the avener“

The Avener was the title given to the person in charge of the personal horses of the king and queen in 16th century Great Britain. I like horses. ;)

your motivation, inspiration + influences

My motivation is to share my music with as many people as possible, and that they enjoy it! I find inspiration in many everyday things, just walking around, or watching something… very vague, I know, but I find that emptying my mind leaves room for inspiration to come!
My influences in music are very widespread, from the classical composers to almost every styles of music, I listen to music all the time.

what’s next

A live show, that I’m working on setting up in the weeks to come. Oh, and some time off in south east asia (more inspiration), and a lot of touring.

your favorite band

I don’t have a favorite band, but there are several that I like or admire for different reasons: Coldplay, U2, Kool & The Gang (the early years)…

song of the moment

Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Jean Tonique Remix)

with whom would you like to work with in the future

I’d love to work with Sam Smith!

what is music for you


what would you’ve been, if you wouldn’t be a producer or pianist

I would be flying airplanes.

tell us a secret

I’m taking flying lessons to become a pilot!

last but not least: your question

What makes YOU happy?


Das Debüt Album „The Wanderings of the Avener“ von The Avener erscheint am 20. Februar 2015 und wird beim Händler eures Vertrauens erhältlich sein.