Nirrimi Awesome Photography

, 18. März 2009 photography
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I’m Nirrimi, a sixteen-year-old aspiring fashion photographer aching to take the world by hurricane, thunder and rainstorm. Photography took my hands and led me to a personal paradise at age thirteen, and I’ve been self-taught and seeing life through a lens since. My aspirations are heaven high and my potential and dedication higher still. I have a peculiar vision of beauty- I see beautiful where others don’t think to look and I capture it all so they do. I want to be shooting for Vogue before I’ve even reached adulthood. Can you imagine? I am really just an artist who spends more time dreaming than living and wants to finally live!

Wunderhübsche Fotografien der 16-jährigen Nachwuchs Fotografin Nirrimi Joy Hakanson aus Queensland, Australien. Unbedingt die beiden Portfolios „Oh Eight“ und „Oh Nine“ anschauen.