Jorge Petrov ist ein in der Schweiz lebender Graphic/Web Designer und Fotograf, der seinen Trip mit Freunden durch die USA visuell dokumentiert hat und mit seinen melancholischen Bildern genau unseren Geschmack trifft. Was er auf seiner Reise durch die Staaten in den Städten Los Angeles und New York entdeckt und erlebt hat, erzählt der talentierte Künstler am besten selbst:

A trip with my friends improvised at the last moment. Photographers and travelers, we ended up to discover and enjoy some places still unknown to us. As we had limited time available, we traveled a large part of Los Angeles in a record time with our cameras ready to capture those memories. Sometimes jostled, sometimes running not to miss the subway, or waiting several minutes for the perfect moment, all those pictures have a story to tell.

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-1 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-2 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-3 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-4 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-5 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-6 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_LA-7

A single city to discover and photograph, it wasn’t enough! Departure to the «Big Apple» in search of new adventures, sensations, discoveries, surprises and amazement. Impressive in size and architecture, it’s a little suffocating but meeting some friendly locals made us quickly forget a few unusual things for a European. There are people as far as our eyes can see, they fill the streets and animate it. It’s not so easy to find a quiet area, I looked for it and found Coney Island which is the perfect place to enjoy a quiet moment at sunrise.

I must return soon.

JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-2 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-1 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-4 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-5 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-6 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-7 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-8 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-9 JorgePetrov_USA_2016_NY-10