Ladies, aufgepasst: Mit Wet The Label hat erst vor wenigen Tagen euer zukünftiges Lieblingslabel für handgemachte Swimwear die virtuellen Ladentüren - sprich den Onlineshop - eröffnet. Gegründet wurde das Label von der jungen Designerin Melanie Wehrli aus Mauritius.

Wir haben uns mit der Wahlberlinerin in ihrem zweiten Zuhause und unserem Lieblingsfrühstücksladen – dem New Deli Yoga in Kreuzberg – getroffen und mit ihr über die minimalistischen und sehr femininen Designs, die Zukunft von Wet The Label, ihre traumhaft schöne Herkunftsinsel Mauritius und die Liebe zu Berlin unterhalten. Was uns Melanie zu erzählen hat, erfahrt ihr jetzt im Kurz-Interview:

Mel wearing Wet The Label © Denise Bodden

Mel wearing Wet The Label © Denise Bodden

Introduce yourself in 5 words:
Positive, creative, independent, stubborn, determined.

What was the idea behind Wet The Label:
Do it for fun and do it well. WET is a handmade swimwear label. When I say handmade it means that i personally create the piece from the pattern to the final product. It takes time and a lot of patience is needed, but it’s worth it. In our days the fashion industry or any industry overproduce, we are losing the beauty of hand making by producing in big quantities to reduce the costs. This affects our environment and the workers from these factories are pushed to work in terrible circumstances to be able to compete with the market. This is why you can buy swimwear at 10 EUR from H&M. Wet is an ethical label, with its own aesthetic signature. Simple but elegant, Wet has a strong colour palette and is extremely comfortable.

„Do what you do with love and share it.“

But why only swimwear?
I believe that a business that focuses on one thing is best. Keep it simple but good. When I had the idea I was living abroad from Mauritius in Melbourne, Australia. That was two years ago. Since then I have stayed true to this idea. The idea came up when I started sewing swimwear for myself cause I could not find anything to my taste in stores. Just like my designs, I like to keep it simple but unique. Wet has four designs for the tops and two designs for the bottoms. It helps to perfect the product and as a small business it makes it more doable. I want Wet to grow naturally, step by step. I still want to have fun working on it, collaborating with friends, organizing photoshoots and making exciting swaps. This is how it should be, isn’t it? Do what you do with love and share it.

How did Mauritius influenced you?
I was born and raised on the beach side. Always in swimwear. I think that says everything. Islander girl and swimwear.

Tell us about your future plans:
Creating a production team. I would like Wet the label to stay boutique and unique. Keeping the production handmade. With few stockist around the world. It is about working with friends or with people who have skills that you admire. Collaboration and exchange, I want to use the label as a creative platform. I want to give others the chance to join in. For my future production team I have been thinking to work with female refugees. Because there are so many hidden talents in people who will benefit from the work life and community of the brand. About the designs I would like to create more exclusive pieces to keep my creativity alive along my basic items. The plan will also be to work with recycled lycra. For now I use the end of designer fabrics that they don’t use anymore.

Feelings about your chosen home Berlin:
Berlin has showed me how to slow down. Not to be in a hurry and wanting everything at once. Something you normally do in other big cities. The city had taught me to be patient and pushed me to create my own self discipline. I love the feel of freedom that Berlin has. It’s history makes it strong and powerful. The people coming from all around the world makes it vibrant. I had never been to Berlin, before I decided to move here. I have no regrets.

What are your favourite spots in Berlin?
Hmm, I am not a favourite type of person. It is always the hardest question for me to answer. In summer the lakes and parks are definitely the places I like to go to, if I am not working in my studio or in the kitchen. I also work as a chef at New Deli Yoga, Kreuzberg. You can put that one on my favourite list because I love my job and the team of girls I have the chance to work with.

I fell in love with Krummelanke See. The name of it also makes me laugh always cause of a joke I had with my friends.
My friend’s gallery, Mario Kreuzberg.
Roamers for some cozy breakfast. Saying this, I most of the time prefer to cook at home & share it with my housemate.
Should I put my kitchen on the list?
Stadtbad Mitte for a dip, so I can also wear Wet the label. Such a beautiful pool from the 1920’s. It is totally worth the ride.

Your key to a better work-life-balance:
Live the moment in the present. Leave the social tension behind. Enjoy what you are doing. See the bigger picture, set up your goals. No matter how long it is going to take you. You will reach them if you are doing things right. It is definitely easier said than done. It is a constant challenge. I am always trying to adjust it. This is part of growing.

Tell us a secret:
I enjoy watching cheesy romantic movies.

Last but noch least: Your question
Ready to get WET?


Die erste offizielle Kollektion von Wet The Label ist ab sofort online auf der Website erhältlich.

Editorial: WET DREAMS for Whitelies Magazine
Photography & Styling: Denise Bodden
Model: Tina

Editorial: WET AT HOME by Zoë Dunster