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HI, MY NAME IS“ ist der ziemlich einfallsloseste Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit jungen Fotografen, Musikern und Künstlern. In diesem Teil der Serie stelle ich euch, anlässlich der seit heute erhältlichen, herzerfrischenden Single „Evelyn“, die Indie-Pop Band ABBY aus Berlin vor. Das Debüt-Album „Friends & Enemies“ erscheint bereits am 05. Juli 2013 und gehört schon jetzt auf die Must-Hear Liste für schöne Sommerstunden. Genug gefaselt, lest einfach selbst, was uns die vier Hauptstadtjungs zu erzählen haben:

We are ABBY

Lorenzo, Henne, Tilly and Filou. We live in Berlin and Lorenzo is not „Lorenzo von Matterhorn“!

Why are you searching for Abby? ;-)
We are not searching for her, we know and love her, but we would like all of you to look for her, she is a very nice person.

…and who is Evelyn?
Evelyn is a very good friend of ABBY. She has a lot to say aswell.

Motivation, Inspiration + Influences
Music, life, art, movies, fear and love!

The new album „Friends & Enemies“
Is our debut. We think it shows some emotional, intimate, ravish and beautiful or romantic sides of us. We would be glad if you think the same.

What’s next
The album-release in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Some great German and UK Festivals and our album-tour from the beginning till the end of october.

Is where we live, is where we love to go clubbing, is where we have our studio, where we hang out in parks and where we enjoy food!

Last but not least: Your question
How come that still so many people don’t know that ryan gosling has been one part of the famous 90ies disney club containing of Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Justin f*****g Timberlake??!!!

Thanks ABBY. ♥

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