, 24. September 2014 music, news, stories

HI, MY NAME IS“ ist der ziemlich einfallslose Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit talentierten Fotografen, Musikern, Künstlern und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit. Diesmal stellen wir euch den begnadeten Singer und Songwriter Sway Clarke II vor. Geboren und aufgewachsen in Toronto galt seine Faszination schon früh der Hip Hop-Kultur und dem Soul, aber auch der englischen Gitarrenmusik und dem Songwriting der 90er Jahre, was sich in seinen verträumten Titeln bemerkbar macht. Was uns der kanadische Wahlberliner sonst zu erzählen hat, lest ihr im sympathischen Interview.

I AM Sway Clarke II
from Toronto, Canada and I’m the son of a farmer, turned jeweler, turned spiritual farmer again.

how did you first get in touch with music
My father was a semi-DJ and had loads of old vinyl, until they were all lost in a fire. He would play a lot of old reggae, ska and American pop music as kid. I also remember these kitchy Jamaican Christmas covers he’d blast all winter. Ha! After that I kinda discoverd hiphop and brit rock on my own terms.

motivation, inspiration + influences
My number one motivation is life is anxiety and fear, really. I have a constant „daymare“ that I’m in a triathlon with every human being on the planet and I’m dead last. It’s the only thing that inspires me to regulate my vice intake. I was heavy influenced by Steve Wonder, Outkast and Brit Rock, particularly Thom Yorke and Liam Gallagher. I think he’s really a rapper at heart. Just the way he moves.

you don’t need much – what do you need
Everything in that song, really. I kinda laid it out pretty straight, no?! Ha. Outside of maybe a room to make some music and my longboard – which don’t rhyme well with „pussy“ – I’m rather simple in what I need. Anything I can’t carry, I don’t really care for.

your secret garden
The same are any dude’s secret garden, no?! Ha.

working with alle farben
Well, we never actually work together. I’ve never met the dude, but I heard he’s rather chilled out, so if you meet him, bitte sag ihm „Grüße“ von mir!

your upcoming ep
I’m not sure, to be honest. I have a couple concept ideas bouncing around, but I’m more obsessed with writing singular songs at the moment. Taking things one at time and trying to perfect my craft. But I am in a particular shadowy mind frame these days, so have feeling in the end it will all be self-explanatory. Meaning I’m attempting to naturally capture the concept of this EP. Or maybe I’m just full of shit. Ha.

what’s next
Prodominently touring, writing and recording. The writing and production is mainly between myself and my partner Fernandez, then we collaborate with some producers, so it’s alot of work on our part and takes time. I’ll be releasing a couple more songs between now and the year’s end, but my main love and focus is on playing live. I want to have an incredible live show.

toronto vs. berlin
They are too different to compare. Both beautiful in their own ways: Toronto, to me, is like the responsible older brother that teaches how to wear a condom and sort out your life, where Berlin is like cool younger brother who teaches you how to break them and reminds you to live a little. You need a healthy balance of both, so I’d say their equal.

last but not least: your question
If you could have sex with an alien, what would it look like and what would it teach you?


11.10. Lörrach / Altes Wasserwerk
12.10. München / Backstage Club
14.10. Köln / CBE
16.10. Berlin / Berghain Kantine
17.10. Leipzig / Täubchenthal
18.10. Frankfurt / D3 am Main