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HI, MY NAME IS“ ist der ziemlich einfallslose Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit talentierten Fotografen, Musikern, Künstlern und inspirierenden Persönlichkeiten unserer Zeit. Als Frontmann und Songwriter der preisgekrönten Indieband „Lukestar“ ist der Norweger Truls Heggero kein Neuling in der Musiklandschaft. Mit seinem neuen Soloprojekt Truls betritt er nun komplett neues Terrain und kreiert einen einzigartigen Sound zwischen Rock und Urban, mit einer guten Dosis nordischer Electronica, gepaart mit seiner unverwechselbaren Stimme. Den Beleg für sein Talent liefert das erste Soloalbum mit dem Titel „TRVLS“, das letzte Woche erschienen ist.

Was uns der aus Oslo stammende Vollblutmusiker sonst noch so zu erzählen hat, lest ihr im folgenden Interview:


My name is Truls Heggero, 32 years old from Oslo, Norway. I Am a singer, songwriter and guitarist. I like to spend my time in the forest, fishing, hiking and watch birds.

motivation, inspiration + influences
Music is the only thing I’m really good at, singing is my true talent so I don’t have a choice. I’m inspired by the wilderness: trees, lakes and everything that isn’t man-made. Influences nowadays are hip-hop and r’n’b from the 90’s and up to now.

when did you start making music
I started making music when I was around 12, playing my mother’s guitar with two strings, making pubertal songs about crack and failed love :)

mixing genres is:
Something I love to do.

the new self-titled album trvls
Is my first album as a solo artist. And my travel from indie rock to more urban music. I’m mixing what I used to do with something I can’t and Trvls is exactly that.

out of yourself
We recorded the video in the Angeles national forest outside of Los Angeles. For a simple guy from Norway this was an amazing experience.

what’s next?
I’m releasing Trvls, my album on April 25th in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and will be touring in Germany as well, dates coming soon.

oslo vs. berlin
Oslo is a tiny city, everybody know each other here. Berlin is a huge city where you can be invincible. I love Berlin, the history and architecture of the city is so exiting, and you can walk around in the city for weeks. Berlin is also a great city to have a party in :)

tell us a secret
I have a glass eye.

your question
how many dimensions are there? Really?

Thanks Truls ♥

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