Hi, my name is: Kakkmaddafakka

, 11. Juni 2013 music, stories

HI, MY NAME IS“ ist der ziemlich einfallsloseste Titel für eine kontinuierliche Interview-Reihe mit jungen Fotografen, Musikern und Künstlern. In diesem Teil der Serie stelle ich euch, anlässlich der kürzlich releasten Single „Someone New“ und des am 28. Juni 2013 erscheinenden neuen Albums „Six Months Is A Long Time“, die norwegische Indie-Pop Band KAKKMADDAFAKKA vor, die man seit ihrem Hit „Restless“ vor 2 Jahren eigentlich nicht mehr vorstellen muss. Deswegen lest selbst, was uns die die Jungs aus Bergen zu erzählen haben:


Manhattan, Black Mamba, Pish, The Jones, Doffy, Serge, Bubbs and Helmelicious, known collectively as KAKKMADDAFAKKA, from beautiful Bergen in Norway.

Do you know, what we germans think about, when we hear your name?
You think ‚what a great sounding word‘. Then you think ‚What a great sounding band‘. And you don’t think about anything rude.

Motivation, Inspiration + Influences
Motivation: Money. Inspiration: Nature. Influences: God.

Are you still „restless“ or did you finally find „your girl“
‚Restless‘ is no longer restless, but ‚Your Girl‘ is still his girl. It’s not actually about any of us in the band, but close friends of ours. Even though they don’t know that.

How was the work with Erlend Øye on the upcoming album?
Like always, we feel honoured to work with Erlend. And like always it was a long and hard process. He’s a perfectionist, and has an ear for detail. We thought that it would be easier second time, we hoped to record the album in 1 week, but it was actually harder, and it took six months. And six months is a long time…

What’s next
Our first single ‚Someone New‘ is out 11th June, then the album is out 28th June. Then lots of touring, we’ll be in Germany october 2nd to 20th, coming to a city near you…

Berlin vs. Bergen
Bergen. Sorry Berliners, we love your city, but we love our own city more. We need the sea and mountains. If you can get some of those in Berlin one day then we’ll all move there.

Tell us something in norwegian
Ole Bull har en smul på sitt lille rumpehull.

Last but not least: Your question
Our question: What one thing would you have on your ultimate rider?

A sauna.

Thanks Kakkmaddafakkas. ♥