Der Italiener Stefano Giorgi gehört zu den Fotografen, die wir in den letzten Jahren bereits mehrfach im Blog gefeatured haben. Mit der neuen Porträtserie "A Day In The Life" lassen wir den Italiener heute selbst zu Wort kommen, da wir uns keine besser passende Beschreibung der großartigen Strecke mit dem hübschen Model Miriam Moreau aus den Fingern saugen könnten.

The title is “A Day In The Life”, celebrating a normal day of a woman in her life in the city of Pisa, Italy. She’s fascinated by The Beatles, she plays guitar. We met in her city to hang up, to drink something and we started to shoot in my hotel room. She was very natural, a characteristic that I love in a woman. We continue to talk during our walk and time to time I let her stop when I saw something interesting, which I thought be able to give her value: my surprise was that SHE was giving value to the city itself. We stopped to her home, and we finished our day together listening music, drinking and speaking about life and I caught the moment when she was simply herself. What I love on her is the poliedric aspect of her soul.

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