Ein Brief von Christian Löffler und eine Ode an das Licht.

Auch wenn der Frühling strahlt wie nie zuvor, schienen uns die letzten Wochen und Tage aufgrund der dramatischen News und Meldungen oftmals düster und melancholisch. Mit dem folgenden Brief und seinem neuen Track „Lys“, was auf Dänisch Licht bedeutet, gibt uns Christian Löffler etwas vom Licht der Hoffnung zurück.

„Dear listener,

During the past months I have followed a morning ritual. Waking up early, I go for a run in the nearby woods before settling in at my studio to paint and produce music. Every day, I am fascinated by the light I see all around me; sometimes bright, sometimes dim, shining outside or trickling into my studio casting shadows on my instruments. Lys means ‘light’ in Danish, it is also the name of my new album. I am filled with joy in sharing this album with you today. In it, I tried to capture and tribute the very special light here in Graal, my home. While I was creating these tracks, I came to really understand and appreciate both the beauty and subtle power of light, and I hope some of these feelings are passed on to you through my music. For those of you who have been following my work for some time, you will know just how much nature means to me, Lys is my personal tribute to the life-giving force behind nature and everything there is. I hope you enjoy.“